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The chilli one of the oldest companies on the island, has a tradition in the catering sector which few other companies claim. The recipe for success is a combination of simple rules to be observed by an operator in general and especially in the tourism sector and the catering sector. This is, respect for the customer, excellent quality benefits, comfortable and clean environment, beautiful and pleasant place, superior quality materials, the courteous staff, reasonable prices.

Starting from the beach and a beach bar talking about, apart from Santorini hallmark is the black sand, it is equipped with comfortable and enjoyable wooden beach beds, with huge pillows and oversized “puff”. The space blends with beautifully staged triangular canopies over the pouf which alternate large umbrellas with lush foliage palm.

The renovated space gives an excellent touch of freshness and tranquility. The combination of beautiful decoration and white sofas of masons built the bar and comfortable seats of the bar-restaurant, win over the visitors and attract to enjoy the space and facilities, from morning until late evening.

At night everything gets a different color lighting becomes more sweet and relaxed, and with direct views of the beach and the calm sea, you require to enjoy excellent cocktails and the exquisite cuisine and dishes.

What makes the chilli stand the rigor and perseverance of the people who make up either said owner or co-staff, the cleanliness of the kitchen and the room in general, but also the quality of the products served, which is difficult to find in beach bar. Especially the kitchen this year alone is the summer surprise with incredible and original dishes and flavors that curates the exceptional and renowned chef, only to expensive and good restaurants can be found, let alone in a beach bar. This is the chilli, and many others of course, only if the visit may find them.

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